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I'm Pasquale Mestizia, an Italian Wedding Photographer and Videographer, based near the two most beautiful coastlines in Italy: the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrento Coast.

 I put my artistic passion in every job I do and I will enthusiastically share my love for cinema with you.

 I find inspiration in the landscapes and in the nature that I discover in all my travels, one of my favorite places is Tuscany, not for nothing is a location more sought after by foreign couples who want to get married in Italy.

I will be happy to help you preserve your most important moments with my experience.

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Rossella and Jadyn found me with a Google search in an attempt to find the best photographer in Tuscany, and they were immediately impressed by my photographic style, as I always strive best to narrate the love story of two people who decide to crown their relationship with the sacred bond of marriage. My portfolio convinced both of them, so much that they immediately decided to organize a Skype call to get to know us better, and also ask more information about my work on the wedding’s day.



It’s a late August day: the preparations for the wedding of Kelly and Adam, a fantastic gay couple that decided to get married in the suggestive Positano, are now in full swing. Not only the location is perfect, but also the weather: a splendid and sunny day, which in typical Italian style fades very slowly at sunset, with sparkling plays of shimmering light on the water’s surface that embellish every shot.