Pasquale Mestizia

Italian wedding photographer and videographer


I am Pasquale Mestizia, an italian professional photographer that specializes in wedding photograph journal since over a decade ago. I became a wedding photographer after being trained for several years. I am an inborn photographer who derives passion for photography when I was at a very tender age.

My photographs capture moments, beautiful memories, tell a story of such a unique and emotional moment that lives his clients’ hearts and instants in which feelings and passions are lived. I love taking pictures of the unspeakable expressions, the images, the pure emotions, and the special moments. I am not limited to digital photography; I also do analog photographs.

If you are looking for a talented photographer to capture the most intimate and sensitive moments of your wedding day or need a photographer for your engagement party, look no further because I am the man for the job. If you want to have any pictures of your friends or family surrounded by breathtaking countryside or want to have a relaxed stroll around, I am always ready to get you covered. Although I live in Tuscany, I work for foreign couples all over the world because I love traveling.

My primary aim is to make sure that my clients are relaxed and natural in front of the camera. I enjoy being invisible during weddings - In fact, you are almost going to forget that a photographer is around you. I use a reportage and documentary style mixed with fine art and artistic touch. The images I will send to you will create a vivid story that will keep your thoughts and feelings alive.


I am mainly specialized in:

Junebug Weddings - I migliori professionisti del mondo e idee per l'organizzazione del matrimonio