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Rossella and Jadyn found me with a Google search in an attempt to find the best photographer in Tuscany, and they were immediately impressed by my photographic style, as I always strive best to narrate the love story of two people who decide to crown their relationship with the sacred bond of marriage. My portfolio convinced both of them, so much that they immediately decided to organize a Skype call to get to know us better, and also ask more information about my work on the wedding’s day.

We immediately got in tune, especially thanks to Rossella, who like a good Italian retains all her cheerful and passionate spirit. She found me on the Internet, and I can only thank her for giving me the privilege of immortalizing her and Jadyn on the best day of their lives.

The day started early, as expected, with the necessary preparations: both the bride and groom had to be impeccable. Rossella's dress was truly breathtaking, while Jadyn's stood out for the numerous details that reveal part of his personality. Judging by some photographs, it almost seems that Jadyn was preparing an elegant hit at the casino, à la Ocean's 11: certainly his impeccable style did not go unnoticed. With both of them so beautiful and young, there was not a single photo in which they were bad, and it was so hard to make a selection to publish here, on the pages of my blog, that I had to resist the temptation to publish the entire photobook!

Once the preparations were over we moved to the church of Montecatini Alto, a truly beautiful location for anyone interested in getting married in Tuscany. It is a town in the province of Pistoia, renowned for its spas, which makes tourism the main economic activity. For anyone who wants to spend a relaxing wellness weekend, Montecatini Terme is one of the destinations that I can recommend without hesitation.

Waiting in the churchyard there were friends and relatives of the two spouses: a small and intimate church, ideal for anyone who wants to share such a beautiful feeling as a promise of eternal love. The ceremony was a success, full of emotions and spectacular shots: my intention was to shot with very short exposure time, as in to stop time and do justice to the eternal love promised by the two newlyweds.

The location selected by Rossella and Jadyn for dinner was Villa il Gran Duca di Carmignano. It is an enchanting structure overlooking a hill and offering a truly breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape. Villa il Gran Duca is immersed in a natural park a few kilometres from Florence and Pistoia, which makes it the perfect meeting place for receptions and ceremonies, and for our two spouses.

One of the privileges of being a wedding photographer in Tuscany is to be able to observe and immortalize beautiful locations like these, real pearls far from the rowdy tourism of the most crowded places. Toasting with your guests surrounded by nature, with a panoramic view of the park and the outdoor swimming pool, is a luxury that everyone should indulge in for their most beautiful day.

The room prepared for the reception was enchanting, embellished with a dark-coloured parquet and the wall made of many different stones, almost composing a mosaic. The excellent food was alternated with truly touching moments, especially when the witnesses read their letters in front of all the guests: a very moving moment for everyone, and in particular, for the newlyweds, visibly inspired by the words spoken by their witnesses.

However, the time has come to wipe away the tears (of joy) and move outside, in the well-kept garden that served as a backdrop for the cutting of the cake, with the city lights in the distance as background. And after the cutting of the cake, you can't help but go wild on the dance floor: the bride and groom started the dance with the first dance, but from then on there was a real escalation of joy and complicity that involved all the guests!

As a wedding photographer in Tuscany, I cannot but thank Rossella Jadyn once again for the honour of capturing their most precious moments. Best wishes for a good life!

Wedding photographer in Tuscany

  • Rossella and Jadyn
  • Church Montecatini Alto Tuscany
  • Location Villa il Gran Duca ( Carmignano)

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