Getting Married In Italy

Italy is one of the most romantic places in the world to get married in. From the stunning architecture to the delicious and highly coveted gelato and local dishes. 

One of the world's best love stories, Romeo and Juliet was based in Verona, Italy. Couples want to relive their romantic moments and make their own love stories when visiting Italy. The Country has a legacy of beautifully preserving their buildings and towns that date back to 800 years ago.


Weddings in Italy are known to be vibrant, colorful and full of fun fairs. Italian music is lively and the food is indeed very delicious, encouraging factor for couples who want to celebrate their union in the country. Since we take wedding celebrations seriously, it is only natural that couples would want to get married here.

Italy also boasts some of the most scenic and unique wedding locations and churches. Unlike most countries, you won't struggle to find a romantic wedding location, whether you're having an indoor or outdoor event. Everything about the country has a romantic appeal, making it the best location for a wedding. There are also country houses, villas and castles that are from the 14th to 16th century and have been refurnished for modern comfort with spectacular views. Every one of them make stunning wedding venues.


Additionally, the weather in Italy is very favorable for weddings from mid-April to mid-November. As with most cultures, flowers and venue designs are a basic requirement in weddings and Italy has amazing florists and stylists with a high level of taste in the department. Italian wine especially that of Tuscany has unparalleled taste, purity and quality and the catering skills are very professional. Furthermore, regional cuisines offer great choices to both adults and children making it perfect for weddings.


Foreigners wanting to get married in Italy follow a very simple and straightforward procedure that can be done on a budget. There is no legal residency requirement for getting married in Italy as only paperwork that proves one's identity is needed. Couples must also certify that legal obstacles are not standing in their way of marriage. 


A foreigner marrying an Italian citizen does not need a visa to wed in Italy. The legal age for marriage is 18 years and underage couples will need to provide written consent from their parents. Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and Jews can marry in Italy as the country accepts all religious denominations. Muslims can marry at age 16 as long as they have permission from their sharia authorities

What you need to get married in Italy:


To get married in Italy, both of you will require necessary paperwork for a civil, religious or symbolic wedding in Italy, such a:

• A declaration of intent to marry which would go to the civil registrar.

• Birth certificate.

• Your passport (must be valid) or national ID card for both parties.

• Divorce papers or death certificate (if you were previously married and divorced or widowed).

• An affidavit, Nulla Osta or Dichiarazione Giurata sworn before a consular office of your home country, which states that there's no legal impediment to your marriage in your home country.

• An Atto Notorio signed by two witnesses, which further confirms that there is no legal impediment to your marriage.


For a Catholic wedding, some of all of the following may also be required:


• Baptism certificate.

• Letter of no impediment to marry.

• Proof of attendance of a premarital course.

• Confirmation certificate.

• Local bishop’s permission to marry abroad.


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