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March 03, 2019
The Amalfi coast is often the choice for honeymoons and has been for many years. Its stunning coastlines, romantic view, sun, sea, sand and delicious Italian food draws everyone from celebrities to ordinary couples. A hot spot for couples seeking the ultimate in charm, relaxation and much more, the Amalfi Coast is a the honeymooners paradise.
April 09, 2018
today we publish in our blog the photos of two beautiful guys, Amedeo and Mei. Amedeo a boy from the Amalfi Coast and Mei a beautiful Japanese girl. Here in this beautiful setting of the Amalfi coast, precisely in Cetara, in front of the Vice Mayor, Amedeo and Mei promised to love each other forever ...
July 04, 2016
Il matrimonio di Enzo e Pina è stato a dir poco gioioso, come potete notare dalle foto, gli sposo sono stati sempre allegri e molto spontanei...