The best Castles of Tuscany for Weddings


Whether you are looking for a splendid luxury wedding or an antique wedding with a colorful ancient theme (renaissance style), intimate ceremony or simply a big feast that will bring all your loved ones around, the castle would be the perfect location to throw the party.


It will give you the aura of a queen, power of the king, and more importantly the touch of gold from the “Cinderella Fairies” and more importantly a perfect location for the best wedding photography.


I want to make this dream come true. So, I have selected the top castles in Tuscany that you could throw your wedding party in. They are pretty magical and believe it or not will leave you with the most memorable ceremony.

Castle of Vicchiomaggio

Castle of Vicchiomaggio in Chianti hills of Tuscany is the most stunning blend of cool landscapes with faultless fairy-tale touch for any wedding in Tuscany. It is extremely beautiful with a touch of style and aura for the best elopement’s destination around Tuscany.


The castle has some cool terraces that can easily double up as venues for the ceremony and also extensions.


It is built to provide one of the most spectacular sights that you will ever see in Tuscany and great terrains for blissful photo shoots.


The rooftop of the castle is well planned, and your guests can easily watch the sun as it sets over the hills.

 They can also waltz the evening away with some cool Italian and enjoy the best cocktails under the marquee if the weather goes bad.


Castle of Trebbio

Located in Pontassieve, Castello del Trebbio is simply 30 minutes away from Florence. It is the perfect place if you are looking for the best wedding space in Tuscany that overlooks the magnificent hills of Chianti.


Full of cypress trees and beautiful vineyards this castle might not be as big as the Castello di Vincigliata but classy and stylish enough to give you the perfect renaissance style. It will accommodate both the main ceremony and a reception and is the signature place in case you want the perfect elopement venue.


Personally, I know this place for its rustic weddings and perfect romantic getaway spots. Using the huge wooden gate that’s set at the front of the castle’s façade would give in to the stylish garden of flowers and fig trees.

 So, you will have some awesome scenery to catch a glimpse of while you enjoy the tasty scents of the ancient wineries.



Castle of Gargonza

The Castle of Gargonza is a 13th century medieval hamlet located in the heart of tuscan, between Siena and Arezzo.


All the rooms are located inside the village togheter the church, the garden and the common area for cocktails and wedding dinner.

On the first day of arrival, the castle organizes a welcome dinner with the bride and groom, a typical rustic tuscan dinner, with different chooses about the theme of the dinner.

There are several choices on the place where to perform the wedding ritual.


Catering is all organized by restaurant the tower of gargonza, their cousine is typical tuscan with local products.It is also equipped for every different need for food.



A place with breathtaking views, fresh cuisine, where you can relive a unique experience, a return to the past with contemporary elegance.



Castle of Spaltenna


Finally, we have the Castle of Spaltenna; a beautiful hotel that’s located in Gaiole, Chianti. It is at the center of Tuscany and offers a fabulous wedding spot with the perfect view if you are scouting.


It offers plenty of spaces that you can use to hold your wedding ceremony and has a garden with a view.


In its premises is a tiny church that’s not only lovely but also ideal for the perfect religious ceremony. The castle boasts the tranquility of the countryside and comes with a number of breathtaking spots for the perfect wedding photography.





Tuscany, just like the other parts of Italy is adorned with beautiful and overly stylish castles. The castles date back to the ancient times and have been so well preserved as symbols of heritage and also a touch of beauty.


Today, you will get some of the most stylish ones for your wedding cinematography, photography, dream wedding and anniversaries and with a bit of luck, your ceremony will be another fairy tale.


You will be a prince charming for the princess and a King and Queen once you say, “I do” and the two of you will live happily ever after. 

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