David & Alejandra - Wedding in Positano - Hotel Marincanto

Getting married is never easy: a torrent of questions plagues the couple just before the fateful yes, as the date quickly approaches. It’s a common thought, for those who are about to face a similar experience: exchanging a "Yes" and starting a new life together is an important change in anybody’s life that should not be taken lightly. If you are lucky like David and Alejandra, however, you have no doubts about what the future holds: their love story is truly a textbook one. She is the daughter of South American immigrants, transplanted to Canada, where they have been thriving, growing both as persons and finding the right path to sustain their family. The fortuitous meeting of the two fiances has always seen the families very involved, throughout the entire love story. What better place to make their dream of love come true than getting married on the Amalfi Coast, especially in Positano, one of the favorite destinations for newlyweds.

The Marincanto Hotel, where the entire ceremony took place, is a marvelous location: the privileged position overlooking the sea, with its rooms offering breathtaking views as backdrop and the available suites with a private terrace offering a spectacular view of Positano, it is indeed a dream location. Furthermore, the staff of the Hotel Marincanto is always committed to its customers, in particular to a couple of newlyweds: every request from them and our staff of photographers has been fulfilled, precisely by virtue of such a special and memorable day in the life of future spouses.

Why is it worth getting married in Positano? Even better, why get married on the Amalfi Coast in the first place? The reason is simple: just look at the photos to realize the magical atmosphere that permeates this location. The newlyweds were stunning in their wedding dresses and the surrounding landscape only amplifies this feeling of living in a dream, or in the set of a love film in which the protagonists live happily after saying “Yes, I do!”. The spouses did not see each other until the moment when they exchanged their promises of love on the Marincanto terrace: a space where time ceases to exist and the gaze is lost between the almost infinite sky and sea that opens in front of your eye in any direction. The location was wisely transformed for the occasion by the wedding planner, enhanced with floral arrangements and decorative elements, in which David and Alejandra found the ideal moment to start their life together, with the blessing of their families.

As a wedding photographer on the Amalfi Coast, every ceremony I have the honor to attend fills my heart with joy. My task is to stop time and pay homage to the love that is released from these moments, which mark people's lives forever. It is, indeed, a great responsibility: the memories kept by the married couple at the Hotel Marincanto will remain indelible, but my photos of their wedding on the Amalfi Coast can enhance that feeling or completely transform it. My task, similar to that of a journalist, is to tell a story: the most beautiful love story with a happy ending that you could wish for. The one that sees the protagonists getting married in Italy, just like in those heartbreaking love movies, with Positano who, a little apart, like a discreet lady, silently and benevolently observes the newlyweds.

My best wishes and congratulations go to David and Alejandra who have chosen me as their bard to tell friends, relatives and future children how it all started: the beginning of a love story that will last for a lifetime. Best wishes, hoping that you can face the difficulties of life with the same wonderful smile of your first wedding day, knowing that it will come together when you work together in unison, building your own life day after day!

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