One for All, All for One

After a year locked up at home, gripped by fear amidst an unprecedented health emergency, the time has finally come to celebrate life. Just like buds dormant during the winter, ready to sprout as soon as spring appears, so people need to be reborn, to live their lives to the fullest. Maria needed it, her daughter needed it, and so did their traveling companions: so they went along an all-female journey, celebrating the intimate relationship between mothers and daughters.



What better place than the Amalfi coast to experience a really unforgettable holiday? As a photographer in Positano, I often capture shots of young couples during a romantic elopement; or spouses celebrating their marriage and a lasting relationship over the years.

Seldom happens to photograph families in Positano, and even more rarely to see many women at once embarking on a completely girls-only journey enjoying all the perks that the Sorrento coast offers. Maria, originary from Italy and now living in New Jersey, knows well the fantastic places that Italy offers: Positano is one of those iconic places, where everyone can taste a hint of "La Dolce Vita", as Fellini would say in one of his absolute masterpieces.



Caribbean-like waters, breathtaking landscapes, the particular conformation of the coast stretch with all the houses with colored roofs perched one after the other: Positano is unique in its kind, and it should not be surprising if during summertime many celebrities walk around its alleys and trendy shops. Maria’s daughter, Jojo, displays beautiful Mediterranean features and embodies an ideal of beauty that undeniably has ancient origins, in stark contrast to Vanessa and Caroline, her best friends: two gorgeous girls displaying a brighter color palette, but not less fascinating than Jojo. All so different and unique, yet they’ll leave you breathless regardless: walking along the promenade of Positano with a photographer, many people surely thought they were some kind of celebrities.

Yet despite their beauty and elegance, Maria’s and Jackie's daughters are simple and educated girls, as well as being really fun persons. I think I haven't had such fun at a shooting in Positano for a long time, and the reason is simple. Working with young boys and girls often allows you to dare, to experiment and to be carried by their indomitable energy: often the most experienced couples prefer constructed poses, but during my time spent with Jojo, Vanessa and Caroline, the natural poses and impromptu moments made the entire shooting really smooth.

The Hotel Miramare in Positano was a perfect location for taking pictures: from its privileged position you can enjoy a spectacular view, and even the interior rooms are perfect for unforgettable shots. Obviously, the shots I prefer are those taken during the pillow fight: I have always wanted to take such shots, immortalizing sincere and carefree smiles, and I finally had the opportunity to do so.

A sincere thank you to Maria for choosing me as her photographer in Positano: during the two hours of the photo shoot I not got to know 5 stunning women, three of which young and determined, and two beautiful, strong and a little bit crazy - in a good way - ladies who are not afraid to enjoy life, and to take a break from the daily hustle and bustle by relaxing in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Thank you so much.

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