Wedding in Ravello is a dream come true

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 Ravello, 31 August. It’s the best day of their life for Manuela and Markus, who have chosen to unite in the sacred bond of marriage in Ravello, one of the most beautiful places on the Amalfi coast.

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 Ravello is a small jewel set between the mountains and the sea, with just over 2,000 in habitants, but each year this village attracts tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world. It is also known as the City of Music: every year the Town Hall organizes the Ravello Festival, dedicated to the German composer Richard Wagner

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 What better place to seal their pact of love than this magnificent city, that offers one of the most spectacular panoramas on the entire coast. Villa Cimbrone, one of the villas of the city, is home to the Terrace of Infinity, a magical place where hundreds of couples exchange promises of love every year.

 My assistant Giuseppe and I meet Manuela and Markus early at the Hotel Bonadies, a luxury hotel with a fantastic view of the sea and the surrounding mountains. Preparations are in full swing, with the hairdresser just finishing the styling of Manuela.

 Manuela never stops laughing: joy paints her face, whenever she looks into Markus’s eyes, making her even more beautiful. Their dresses are simple, as are their hearts: a constant that will accompany them for the rest of their future lives. Manuela and Markus have chosen as their church the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Maddalena Penitente, in Atrani, the smallest municipality in Italy. The church dates back to the 12th century, built on the ruins of a medieval fort, and highlighted by a very high bell tower: the façade is the only one in the whole Amalfi Coast to be in Rococo art style.

 It takes us just few minutes by car from Ravello, and although it is August 31, this is a very quiet place. A few tens of meters below us tourists and locals enjoy the clean and transparent sea, while Manuela and Markus cross the vestibule of the Church to celebrate the Catholic rite.

 Choosing to get married in a beautiful location like this means relying on a photographer who knows how to capture the best, unique moments of such an important event. The Amalfi Coast is a magical place to exchange promises of love, and each couple tells a different story. As a professional, but also as a person, I always feel honored and privileged: not everyone works in a similar place.

 In less than an hour, the mess comes to an end, and the two newlyweds move towards the restaurant, located in Ravello. Hotel Villa Maria is a small but charming place with a spectacular view, the ideal place to eat good food and enjoy a glass of champagne.

 We await the end of lunch and conclude the day by walking through the streets of Ravello, which offers very suggestive photographic views. Everything here speaks of love and passion, for many things: for people, for art, for music, for nature. Flowers, monuments and public parks shape this small village, they become the ideal location to talk about a love story.

 We conclude our journey where we started, in the heart of the city, in the square that houses the Cathedral of Ravello. Manuela and Markus set off for the hotel to enjoy a bit of rest, after an exhausting but exciting day, while we set off for home, stopping to admire the view in front of us.

Wedding in Ravello Amalfi Coast Italy

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