Love mission in Li Galli ( Positano ) with Onur and Guver

A special request cannot be ignored: when Onur contacted me he immediately attracted my curiosity. Everyone wants to surprise his/her loved one but, this request was really unusual.


Pretending to be sailors aboard a boat to take your beloved by surprise is not an everyday thing, and Onur wanted Guver not to suspect anything. It could be done, even if I didn't know what to expect: essentially I am not a covert secret agent!

The plan was simple, in theory: my assistant and I would pretend to be members of the ship's crew, then pull out our cameras and capture the most beautiful moments off the island of Li Galli. Li Galli is a private island where celebrities like LeBron go to recharge their batteries, a pearl part of an archipelago of three just right off Positano, reachable only by boat or via helicopter.


Punctual to the appointment, we depart from Marina di Praia and then set sail for Positano, and then from there, we travel under the coast to avoid the transverse waves, direction: Li Galli. We chat with the captain before our dear Onur and Guver arrive: he is aware of the situation and asks us for instructions on how to best pull off the surprise.


Onur also requested a cake and a bottle of champagne to celebrate the event, in conjunction with Guver's birthday: double surprise, double preparation, double the fun!

I must say that my assistant Giuseppe and I were not really perfect sailors. We often had to cling to something, to avoid falling, while Onur and Guver enjoyed the sunset on the Amalfi coast.

When we approach the island of Li Galli it’s time to show our true identity: the two lovebirds are laying in the bow, while we descend below deck to retrieve our photographic equipment. Pie, champagne and the engagement ring reflects into the marvelous, vivid eyes of Guver: you can really tell she is overflowing with joy. We take wonderful photos while this beautiful couple kisses and hugs while we, silent spectators, capture the best moments, which will become living and vivid memories when they review the photos.

The Amalfi coast is an extraordinary place, where everything seems possible. An enchanted place where you can share the most beautiful moments, like the beginning of a new journey together. It’s a place where a sunset and a ring are all you really need to seal the union of a love that seems to have no boundaries.

Undressed the clothes of sailors, our mission now is to take the best possible pictures while we drift off the coast of Positano, on the island of Li Galli, in the heart of the Amalfi coast. Onur and Guver almost no longer pay any attention to us photographers, lost in their effusions, while enjoying the sunset and the champagne.


However, the time has come to return to Marina di Praia, but we have to stop by Positano, at sunset, when the city lights begin to illuminate the streets. The water and the sky envelope and enhance the dancing light show: we take some pictures of the two lovers embracing, and they kiss each other with passion! You cannot really blame them, immersed in such beautiful scenery.

We arrive safely back to the shore, our mission was a success: Onur and Guver are super-happy, and they're really excited when they look at some of the shots we took. All good things come to an end: now it's time to fill the stomach, and we recommend them an excellent fish restaurant as we take our way back home, tired but happy with the result.


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