Positano in Love


It's 7:30 am on a sunny July day in Positano: the city is different from the usual, at this time of the day: we usually find crowds of tourists who walk the narrow streets of this city, and the iconic traffic that accompanies the descent (and the ascent) from the main road that runs along the Amalfi coast, but this is not the case.


The city seems to sleep, almost lazy in waking up after a soothing and refreshing night, and I'm already there, in its beating heart, waiting for Asir and Sonia. This beautiful and happy couple decided to commemorate their engagement with unforgettable shots in the beautiful city of Positano, a location that I strongly recommended for them, as I also suggested to wake up early and enjoy the fantastic light that the architecture of its streets offers.

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Thus begins our tour through the streets of the city, starting right from the church of Santa Maria Assunta, a real jewel set in the center of Positano. It is not always possible to visit it internally, especially at this time of the day where it is often closed: in this case, its external arches are ideally suited for fantastic photographs.


When two people are as photogenic, happy and smiling as Asir and Sonia it is really hard not to get special shots, which really convey the emotions they both feel. Positano is not their first stop, he declared himself to her beloved one in the beautiful city of Rome, but Amalfi Coast is where they wanted to freeze time for the years to come. Being a photographer on the Amalfi coast is certainly an honor and a privilege, having the chance to touch and capture such sincere feelings: both are so passionate, smiling and happy that it’s impossible to not feel the love they radiate.


We continue along the narrow streets of Positano, with their shops full of Made in Italy clothing (by the way, did you know that Positano has its own iconic and characteristic fashion style?), but they are all closed at this time of the day: the Bella Vita is not only lived by whoever comes to visit the Amalfi coast, but also from residents and shop owners!

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Finally, we arrive in front of the sea in Marina Grande, with the beach offering a really suggestive view: if you want to capture the essence of Positano, with its colored houses in the background, and its breathtaking view, then you must get here on the beach. Near the luxurious Hotel il Covo dei Saraceni there is a path that climbs up, to the upper part, where you can enjoy a privileged view surrounded by the rocky mountain and wild nature. Don't be scared if you often find hordes of people here: here you’ll find the berth for the ferries that transport thousands of people every day to Capri and the rest of the Amalfi coast. If you want to avoid the traffic by the only road that connects all the cities of the coast, the only alternative is to move with the boat, the famous sea taxi!


A change of dress is a must for Sonia: her airy blue dress blends perfectly with the landscape, and without taking anything away from Positano she is the true beauty and protagonist of the shots. Brilliant as the ring that Asir gifted, with a radiant and sweet smile, it is a pleasure to take pictures in this still kind of soft light, right before the sun rises too high and flattens everything. I’d always take pictures early in the morning or sunset, especially in a particular location like Positano which is located between the mountains.

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The couple's hotel ( Alcione Residence ) is located not far from the center, so we decide to go there as well and take some more intimate shots while enjoying the wonderful view that almost every structure offers here: that’s how to kill two birds with one stone! 


After almost two hours of shooting the sun is now high in the sky, we start to sweat but looking at the shots afterward, I would say that it was well worth it: Asir and Sonia will look at these stunning shots and they’ll remember with pleasure all the magical moments they lived in Positano.

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