Wedding · February 23, 2019
I have never believed that meeting Daniel and Marino was ever by chance. No not at all. The thought of these two love birds touching every soul that they met in a beautiful way was a destiny that would come to pass. I was introduced to this wonderful couple, with another awesome agency, a wonderful and exquisite wedding planner Bell'eventi of Cheryl Pagano. And as fate would have it they were going to exchange their vows pretty soon.
Wedding · January 08, 2019
Robert and Penelope's Perfect Elopement In Villa Cimbrone, Ravello So the technical term for eloping is 'running' away, but in weddings, it is not as exaggerated, at least not for two love birds, Robert and Penelope. The American couple escaped the pressure and stress of wedding planning and opted for an elopement which saw them choose Italy - it was going to be a beautiful destination wedding.
Wedding · November 16, 2018
They is a saying that goes "The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it", that's the story of beautiful bride, Stefania who recently married her one true love, in Italy where they both reside. This story of friendship isn't just between her and her new husband, Simone, but includes her friendship with our very own star photographer, Pasquale Mestizia, who was not just their wedding photographer but also the bride's childhood friend.
Wedding · November 11, 2018
Patrizia and Orazio are typical Italians, crazy in love and full of refined elegance. The two love birds couldn't wait to get married. I first met the couple when the 3 wonderful wedding Planners, Francesca, Rosalinda and Claudia introduced me to them. After they looked at my work on my website, they decided to entrust me with their special day. From day one, I already knew I was going to be photographing a very special and stylish couple.
Wedding · May 22, 2018
Wedding · April 09, 2018
today we publish in our blog the photos of two beautiful guys, Amedeo and Mei. Amedeo a boy from the Amalfi Coast and Mei a beautiful Japanese girl. Here in this beautiful setting of the Amalfi coast, precisely in Cetara, in front of the Vice Mayor, Amedeo and Mei promised to love each other forever ...
Wedding · February 01, 2018
Wedding · January 15, 2018
I met Riccardo about 2 years ago, when we filming for the short film "Ragazzi Perduti" where he played the role of director. Since then a strong bond has been born between me and him, so that every occasion was good to feel. We began to joke about his marriage; He repeated to me several times: when I "get married" you will be telling my wedding! On July 21st we were in Alcamo (Sicily) to tell the love story of Riccardo and Sara.
Wedding · April 26, 2017
Wedding in Capri
Capri è un'isola nel golfo di Napoli, situata di fronte alla penisola sorrentina. Capri is an island in the Gulf of Naples, situated in front of the Sorrento peninsula.